Selection Criteria

2019 Selection Criteria



Through its affiliation with Shooting Australia, Pistol Australia has the sole right to field target pistol shooting teams to represent Australia at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Oceania Shooting Federation Championships, IMSSU Championships and World Cups, NRA Bianchi Cup, World Association 1500 Match Championships and other international target pistol shooting competitions.

Selection criteria for ISSF teams represention Australia at international competition falls under AISL's jurisdiction and can be accessed on the Shooting Australia web site.

Australian Team Nomination

Competitors who wish to be considered for selection to the teams selected by PA to represent Australia in Action Pistol, Metallic Silhouette and WA1500 Match are required to submist a PA Team Nomination Form and the competition results sheet in accordance with the selection criteria as applicable.

Click on the links below to download a pdf of the selection criteria and team nomination form.


Australian Representative Teams Policy

Australian Representative Teams Policy (Approved 2018)


Team Nomination Form

Team Nomination Form (85 KB)


Score Sumbission

Click here to sumbit you score for Action Pistol

Click here to sumbit you score for WA1500

Click here to sumbit you scores for Metallic Silhouette

Click here to submit event scores (Organising Secretaries Only)


Action Pistol Team

2020 Selection Criteria 2020 Australian Action Pistol Team Selection Criteria


Metallic Silhouette Team

2020 Selection Criteria 2020 Metallic Silhouette Team Selection Criteria


WA1500 Match Team

2020 Selection Criteria - under review

 WA1500 Match Score Eligibility

To be eligible for inclusion in the WA1500 Match world ranking database and for selection to the Australian WA1500 Match team, results from WA1500 Match Open competitions MUST:

  • Be certified by the attending PA Judge
  • Certify that the competitor is a current financial member of Pistol Australia
  • Include competitor's christian name, surname and club
  • Include Match total and total X count as a minimum.  Totals and X count for each match is preferred.
  • Indicate the type of handgun used by each competitor - Revolver or Pistol.

Results that do not meet these requirements cannot be included in the WA1500 Match World ranking database, nor will they be considered for Australian team selection.